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Please follow these steps:

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3. Notes About The Service:

This is an SEO service,  people are looking for high rankings on Google, with the best rankings being on the first page 1-10. But don’t go over the top with the review. The service allows each customer up to 3 keywords that they are trying to improve the ranking for.  The service is a good one for the price, but due to competitors also buying reviews this is necessary to stay competitive.

Here are examples of reviews to give you an idea of the sort of thing to write, but do not copy these exactly:


I came to share my experience using these services, I must say they surpassed my expectations. I got amazing results, for my main keyword I was ranking 30 and my other two 32 and 22, 1 week later on my main keyword I was ranking 9 and my other two 12 and 14 and this is only 1 week later! in another week I should be hitting even better rankings


My keywords are medium difficulty, before I used these services, I’ve spent over 200$ with no results at all on other services that claim to rank but they were all scam ( at least for me they didn’t do anything ), this was my last hope and oh boy it was amazing I’m totally gonna purchase again, don’t think twice guy this guy right here is the real thing, also he is almost always replies pretty quick so overall support 10, quality of service 10.

Going to purchase again for sure.

Thank you.



I may have mentioned before that the first time I used this service it was on a site that had been WHOMPED by the big G, it had a crazy number of really crappy low quality inbound links and it didn’t seem to matter what I tried, nothing could get the site even showing up on SERP trackers. Now I’ve got it as high as page 2 (it’s bouncing around a lot at the moment).

Anyway, I thought I’d use this service to kick start some work with a new client. The competition is pretty high so I wanted a solid start. Apart from some drip fed social signals courtesy of SocialADR I’ve done no other SEO work on this site (yet). The results have been great


in just 10 days 1 of my key words with heavy competition sky rocket from no where into top 5
I got to gave this service 10 of 10 that’s quite impressive!!! didn’t not expect it at all at first but now I would consider this service one of the best ones in here!!!


I got amazing results with this package. Both main keywords are on page 1 now and a lot of long tails also (some of them even rank 1) and this is very saturated and hard niche.
He did really great job and this will be one of the services i will be ordering very often for all of my websites.


Couple of orders had been placed to test this service. Lately after 15 days, I have noticed positive improvements on both of the sites so I will say, this did a good job for me and I am convinced with the quality of articles and submissions they have given.

Just placed one more order for you and will have couple of more next week, keep up the good work!


Here is my review of backlinks quality and ranking position:

First of all I received a report within 14 days, each backlinks according to describe in package prefect quantity.
Articles of content well unique written in each post with one relevant image post style like professional blogsite.

I used 3 main keywords with this package
1 keyword previous position in google #78 and my current position is #16
2 keyword previous position in google #102 and my current position is #22
3 keyword previous position in google #47 and my current position is #09

I’m very excited with this service, i will order more in future thank you for great help.


Beastman and his team did a fantastic job strengthening the position of one my primary keyphrases, taking it from position #14 to a steady #2 in google. One of my more competitive keyphrases went from position #48 to #8 in google. All of this in only 1 short months…fantastic ROI so far.